Top 10 eCommerce Website Design on Divi Theme

The number of eCommerce stores sprouting out in the digital realm is increasing day-by-day. This has increased the level of competition, and every individual is doing whatever it takes to set their store apart from the competitors. 

Many individuals go for changing the design of their eCommerce store, but it’s more than just the design. For making your eCommerce store reach out to your customers, you must deliver a good shopping experience. As per the report, more than 65% of customers make a purchase by getting influenced by a good customer experience more than the price. 

If you want to become a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, using WordPress as your content management system can be your best decision. With WordPress theme builder, you can easily create a functional eCommerce website and make it live on the internet in no time. 

To create a stunning eCommerce website, you can go for the Divi Woocommerce theme. The theme is powered by Divi builder that acts as an amazing and intuitive front-end editor and helps you experience the best way of how a website can be fabulously built.

Here are some of the functionalities the Divi eCommerce theme offers:

  • A whole new level of customization: The theme allows you to customize every element on your website with ease. You can modify colors, fonts, spacing, sizing, and even apply custom CSS to create a website that can make a place in the minds of customers.
  • Fast loading speed: Your website’s speed matters a lot when it comes to customer engagement. If your web pages are taking more than 3 seconds to load, the customers, instead of waiting for the page to load, will move on to other options available on the table. But, with a Divi builder, speed can never become an issue. The theme requires no pages refreshes and minimal loading of any activity, making your site load at lightning speed.
  • Import & export layouts: The theme has layouts saved into the library so that you can easily import and export a layout, whenever necessary.
  • Premade layouts: The builder offers more than 20 pre-made layouts that you can use to give a push to your designing process.
  • Better at organizing: A well-organized eCommerce store grabs more eyes than the one poorly organized. With a Divi builder, add new rows and choose between multiple column types until everything fits together perfectly.
  • Content Elements: The theme comes with 46 types of content elements. You can make the blend of elements you want and create anything, where the only limit will be your imagination.
  • Real-time design: When you make a change in any element of your design, the same is updated instantly.
  • Easy to use: You don’t have to open panel settings to add a text. Just click on the page and start typing.

The versatility that the theme provides makes it perfect to create any kind of eCommerce website. The theme integrates well with Woocommerce and any eCommerce platform. You can easily find a large number of eCommerce websites running on the internet that are built with Divi. The WordPress theme helps you turn your ideas into designs that you always have wanted for your online store. 

The sites made using the respective theme have interesting and appealing layouts, product pages, and shop pages. WooCommerce add-ons can also be incorporated into a website to boost its functionality. Here, we are listing 10 top eCommerce websites that are built using the Divi theme:

  • Enfield County Spares: Enfield County Spares has an organized homepage design that focuses on the range of products the company offers. It showcases several products with an option to add them to the cart, diverting customers towards the option of making the purchase. All the category pages have a header with a large logo on the top left corner and a search box that scrolls with the header. The product pages represent the products in four columns. The layout is simple, organized, and makes navigation easy.
  • Loops n Knots: Loops n Knots homepage looks like an amazing online store and uses soothing colors to attract the target audience. It includes the “add to cart” option for every product available in different categories. The product pages showcase the products by listing them in their respective categories, and each category page has beautifully organized to ensure customer engagement. When buyers click on a specific product, they are diverted to a page with the product details and the option to purchase. The description for every product acts like an accordion for the FAQ.
  • The Decor Remedy: The Decor Remedy shows a full-screen slider with a shop CTA for the different product categories. When you scroll down, the page will show a range of products listed with images in a row with three columns. All the web pages are made using eye-catching colors and are so beautifully designed that they can grab the customers’ attention at just one glance. The other pages use a small part of the same header. The homepage has a section to shop and bulk orders and three other sections with additional information.
  • Beebay: Beebay shows a full-screen header with product images. The next section shows images that are linked to their categories. The category pages show a full-screen with the products listed in three columns. The product pages contain numerous product images and their price, along with a tab to select options. Every page on the website has a simple yet impactful look that easily attracts customers.
  • Dr. G Wellness has a full-screen header followed by a full-width background design in parallax. When you scroll, you can see the product categories listed vertically. The product page shows a wide range of products with 4 in a single row. The product pages show in full-width and include perfectly sized images. The black background gives an elegant look to the pages and gives a highlighted view of the product images.
  • Herbexo uses a simple and beautiful design to showcase their products. The header includes a CTA followed by information about the products. When you scroll, there comes a multi-column section showcasing the products’ images, along with providing the option to add them to the cart. The category pages are designed cleanly, and every page is styled similarly. The layout makes it easy for customers to navigate the site.
  • have incorporated a header that beautifully showcases the range of their products. Light colors are used behind the menu, sections, and blocks of text to make the page appealing to the targeted audience. The header includes a CTA along with the images and information about the products. Another section of the homepage includes the product images, lined up in four columns. The category links divert you to the product page where you can choose the products and add them to the cart.
  • Unkultured header includes a slider with shop CTA. The homepage shows several beautiful images of their products with a purchase option. The category page includes multiple product images, followed by their name and price. The product pages are simple and cleanly designed to provide an excellent shopping experience to the users.
  • Limon Hair has a header with multiple slides, showing their different products, along with a shop CTA. Then comes a section of their products in square boxes, along with their description, cleanly lined up in a column of three. The category pages include the range of products that fall in the respective category, a description of the product, and its price. The product pages show a big image of the product and its detailed description, along with the option to add to the cart. This area is elegantly styled to match the site.
  • Ambrosia Systems Inc uses a header that represents their services, along with an option to see what they do. Soothing colors are used behind the menu and sections that help in quickly grabbing the attention of customers. All the information is structured in an easy-to-read format and colored boxes to deliver relevant information effectively. All the pages of the website are designed creatively that it makes it easier for users to understand what the business has to offer.

Summing up:

These ten eCommerce websites built with Divi will help you find your creative nerve and spark your imagination. The Divi builder helps in creating websites that look sophisticated and possess excellent functionality. Divi eCommerce child themes are also available that you can use to build stunning websites. With Divi, you can design beautiful landing pages and style the shop modules to make your products catch users’ attention at one glance. Product photography can turn a simple design into a stunning one and make your website stand out in the crowd of competitors.