Some Surprising reasons your website is not generating leads?

The primary goal of a website is to generate leads. But if your website is unable to do so despite being up on the internet for quite a while, there probably be some problems.

A website is ranked and visited based on multiple criteria, including design, content, quality, and user-friendliness. If a visitor feels that anything is missing or off, he/she will not only leave the site but also won’t come back.

That’s why most businesses avoid the risks by approaching the best website design services. The right web design agency in Faridabad will help businesses reveal why their website isn’t generating leads.

If you also want to figure out what’s wrong with your website, below can be reasons to blame:


Prospects will visit your website or landing page and review the content. Then what? You must give them a reason to stay if you don’t want to have a higher bounce rate.

Therefore, including the call to action become crucial. It gives them an idea of what to do and move further in the sales pipeline.

Use a direct approach when it comes to sending visitors to other sections of your website. Ask them to “Subscribe Now” if you happen to attract more email newsletter subscribers or “Add To Cart” if you want to improve sales. Position the call to action at the top of the web page.

The call to action can be in many forms, like a box or a form. Make sure that it is clearly visible and states its purpose.


Keeping things simple on the site and landing page is the key to getting more customers on board. But if your landing page or form has a confusing layout, it may take visitors off track and give them enough reasons to abort. 

So, business owners must make sure that all crucial areas in the site have the call to action and important details that can catch users’ attention and convert them into leads.

One layout that holds the highest effectiveness is the F shape, where the crucial information is at the top, resting on the left side.

Put the headline at the top with a call to action and break up the information into sub-headers or bullet points, making it easier to read. The F-shaped layout matches most people’s reading habits and improves lead-generating elements.


Landing pages and contact forms should allow visitors to find where to go next. If a proper call to action is not placed correctly or forms cannot be filled in, they will not generate leads. 

Make sure to keep lead-generating pages as simple as possible so they can be clicked more to bring in more leads.

Go for an uncluttered design with only required fields and graphics. Put the important information first, as most users tend not to read the entire content. Also, keep the primary information apart from the secondary one.

While adding a contact form, only ask for the information required to follow us. If a form takes too long to complete, visitors may abandon the task and move on to competitors.


Website owners only have a few seconds to catch the users’ attention and give them reasons to stay on their page. Making a first good impression helps get more leads, and one way of doing this is through quality content. The copy must resonate with the visitor in tone or content to make them feel like it is for them.

The impression made by precise details and fine grammar is good. This will bring the most valuable leads to the doorstep.

Therefore, while describing your products or services, talk about the solutions they can offer and how they will solve the issues most prospects are facing. 

Proofread and edit the copy before making it live, or hire the best website designing services to do it. When the content resonates with the target audience, it will increase engagement, further leading to conversions.


A business can lack a good amount of leads with a website that is only functional on a desktop. With the growing number of mobile users, it has become imperative for every business to make a mobile-friendly website. 

With the help of the top web design agency in Faridabad, start with responsive design on your website. This will ensure that the landing pages and contact forms load fast and properly on all screen sizes.

A mobile-friendly site will allow people to access your site from anywhere and at any time. A mobile-friendly site bridges the interaction gap between you and your target audience and offers you ways to convert them into life-long customers.


Lead generation is crucial as it makes a business grow and thrive. But it can be frustrating if a website fails to do so despite multiple attempts. Therefore, calling the experts can be the easier way out. 

At Zen Webnet, we have years of experience in designing and managing websites that are well capable of generating leads that become the game-changer for the business, and we can do the same for you.

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