How To Boost Your Sales Through Facebook Ads

Today’s digital world is all about incorporating the best marketing strategies to make a business stand above the others in the same domain. Every organization that is making its presence on the online platform wants to enhance its visibility to drive as much targeted traffic as possible to boost its sales. One such proven and effective method to do so is through Facebook Ads. The benefits that you can get through these ads can leave you stuck in awe. We understand that it’s a little difficult for some people to believe in what we are saying, but we have some facts ready for you that can clear all your doubts. 80 percent of all internet users actively use Facebook, that means billions of people across the globe check their Facebook account multiple times in a day. That is a good reason to find scope in these ads.

Another crucial benefit of these ads is that they help you reach your exact target audience. You can decide who all can see your ad by sorting people based on their age, location, online behavior, and interests. By knowing your customers, you can create ads that can bring better engagement. Apart from this, you can reach your target audience without spending too much. It would literally cost you around $5 to reach a thousand people.

If you want more people to access your website, then Facebook ads can help you out. By running a website click campaign, you can target the right audience and send them to your website. The more the traffic, the more chances you have to boost your sales.

Facebook advertising is not a lie. It has the ability to drive better traffic, sales, and thereby revenue. Facebook is on the track of becoming the best platform for advertising by making over 4 billion Dollar in revenue, and that just by getting clicks on ads. 

How do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook Ads come in several types. You can promote your Page, Posts, Actions users took, and even your website. The platform focuses more on display ads, then the search ones, and makes users reach your website to fulfill their demand. The ads can be targeted based on the user’s demographic details, location, and profile information. Once you create an ad, you need to set a budget for each click. As a user clicks on your ad, the set amount will be deducted from the overall budget.

How to boost sales through Facebook Ads?

More than 2 billion businesses are already advertising on Facebook, and with such competition, making your place on the social media platform to capture the targeted audience is no piece of cake. If your e-commerce ads are unable to achieve the expected ROI, then have a look at the tips mentioned below to boost your online sales.

  • Don’t compromise on the quality of images: Always make use of high-quality images in your ad. Wondering how to ensure the images are of optimum quality? Here are a few things to look for:
  • The images should be bright, colorful, and eye-catching.
  • Avoid images that are blue and white as they will blend in with the platform background and become hard to notice by users.
  • Incorporate images showing happy people using your products.
  • Pictures of women are more effective as compared to men.
  • Ensure that the images you are going for are perfectly fitting your ad size. 

People scroll through the Facebook feed quite quickly, and by adding colorful and eye-catching images, you can make their finger stop on your ad. One more thing, make sure that the text you are adding is not taking more than 20 Percent of the total space. The right images will help to boost engagement, thereby sales.

  • Incorporate a multi-product carousel: Facebook allows you to use a multi-product carousel advert. This advert can help to increase the pace of your click-through rates along with decreasing the overall costs. Want to know how? Please have a look at the points mentioned below:
  • The advert is interactive, as well as intriguing. It compels customers to scroll and continue looking at more products, thus increasing the number of clicks. With more clicks, more people will be driven to your brand, giving a boost to your sales.
  •  With the multi-product carousel, you can show multiple related products together. You can use the option to make a story around your products and represent what they offer.
  • You can even use the feature to show a complete range of products. There may be chances that a customer may not be in the requirement of a certain product, but by scrolling on to other products, he/she may find the other product interesting.


  • Offer incentives to drive instant clicks: With innumerable stores advertising their products on the social media platforms, it becomes difficult to make your products steal the spotlight. But, difficult is not impossible. There is one effective way you can use to grab the eyes of your customers, and that is by offering them the incentive to click.

Use urgency:

It’s a human tendency to procrastinate their actions. Even if you provide them a great offer, they are still going to search or wait for a better one. Here, you can use urgency technique, which is giving them a piece of gentle information about the consequences of waiting around. Tell them about the available stock you have, and the products will be gone if they made a late decision or offer a time-limited promotion. You can use phrases like hurry up, act now, limited period offer, last chances, and similar others to get instant clicks.

Use trigger words

There are certain words that trigger people instantly. Like the word “You” instantly creates a personal bond, and words like “new” and “exclusive” represent something unique.

Offer a deal that is hard to resist

People always want the best deals, and by offering them one, you can compel them to click on your ad.

  • Create and post a video: Facebook’s algorithms have more preference for video content. By using videos in your ads, you can make your ad make its way into people’s feed. Additionally, video content is more engaging, and people are more likely to watch videos on the platform. 

By creating a video ad, you can make your customers stop and watch it, as it will instantly start playing when scrolled over. 

  • Fill the interest fields to target the right customers: Most people use Facebook to socialize, not for shopping. Therefore, it becomes crucial to showcase your ad only in the newsfeed of people who are interested in buying. In case you are dealing with a niche product, using the interest field becomes necessary. Once you type an interest, pages, and categories related to the specific audience will pop up. Ensure to narrow down the interest to specifically reach the audience that is too close to your interest. By bringing together multiple narrow interests, you can create an audience of the right customers.
  • Make use of the AIDA model to improve ad copy: Turning your viewers into your customers becomes easy with an ad copy. If you want to make the most out of the 90 characters’ word limit, then you must follow the AIDA model when you are all set to write a copy.

AIDA is the abbreviation for:

  • Attention: Start with a heading so powerful that it grabs the eyes of your customers at one glance. 
  • Interest: Describe the benefits your products will provide to the customers to induce them to buy your products.
  • Desire: Make an irresistible offer and compel them to click on your ad.
  • Action: Finally, close the ad with a call to action click.

The AIDA model will help your customers realize the value of your products and how they can be benefited from them. This will create an influx of clicks, thus boosting your sales.

Summing up

Facebook ads work like magic in the world where the majority of internet users are on Facebook. The businesses that are continuously investing in these ads are proof that shows the ads work efficiently well to add more and more to the revenue. Even if you feel that your ads don’t deliver the expected ROI, then start working on improving their relevance, grab your audience’s interest, and provide them an impressive reason to click. When it comes to making a business successful, then grabbing customers from every platform becomes essential.