A Step-By-Step Guide to Understand Online Marketing

What is the most important thing that decides whether a business will sink or float or sail the ocean of success? It is the potential of any business to reach out to customers and to create brand awareness effectively and efficiently by using the right channels. Establishing a brand and getting in touch with potential customers are two basic and important parts that will help you in succeeding in the business.

It is nothing but a truth that in case of a lack of marketing solutions, chances that a business will ultimately fail is very high. If you are a newbie to the term “Internet marketing” then you should know that online marketing or internet marketing is a strategy that helps a business to gain exposure and build a reputation by using various internet tools and marketing solutions.

What is online marketing?

Before making any rash decision and landing on the misinterpreted conclusion, the first and foremost thing that we would like to do is define what online marketing is and how online marketing can help you in promoting business? For sure, we will be discussing the different marketing tools and strategies that are available out there, but before that, we would like to make you familiar with the term online marketing and what it means.

Online marketing is also popular by the name internet marketing, Digital marketing, and in a straightforward term “online advertising.” Online marketing is nothing but a strategy, method or tool that helps in getting a company’s name out to the public for brand awareness. In the case of internet marketing or online marketing, the advertisements can take different forms based on the strategy and available resources. In the case of some strategies, the advertisements are mainly focused on subtle messages and not on a clear-cut advertisement.

No matter which strategy, method or tool is used, the way in which business is promoted via online marketing is simple. You just need to build a strong company’s reputation in the market by increasing the ability of the company to be found online. There is no doubt in the fact that with the introduction of the internet in the world, things have changed a lot in the last few years.

The same is with advertisements and all the industries. Nowadays, a large number of potential customers use the internet to look for the required things online. Well, not everyone goes online to search for things, some people use the internet for finding some information or treat it as their favorite pastime.

With the help of the right online tools and other resources, it can be made possible to get the name of the company out in the virtual world and to encourage potential customers to look for further information and to visit company’s website. The whole game is to lure potential customers out there and to create brand awareness.

Website development

When it comes down to online marketing strategies, one of the best and most important things that need utmost attention is none other than website development. In reality website development is a crucial factor that can either improve or degrade your ability to reach out to a potential customer or target audience.

The reason for saying so is quite simple, and that is potential customers look for products, services, and information that you provide on your website. In reality, a website is the proof of your online presence, and it acts as a medium between you and your potential customers. It offers potential customers a chance to know more about your services, the type of products that you are offering and tons of information about your company.

Know this fact that developing a website these days is cost-effective, fairly simple and is an absolute requirement if you have a business. It is true that there is free website option also available in the market, but you should know this fact that this option comes with a fair share of limitations that can make you lag by miles in the highly competitive market.

If you have a limited budget but a desire to have your website then going to template website option can be great for you. With this option, you will have the luxury of having a professional website ready and running at a nominal cost and this whole process will require very less time. You will have to choose a template, and after that, you will have to add a color scheme and create content that matches your business.

If you have the budget then having a custom website can give you an extra edge over most of the competitors in the market. Based on the requirements of the company, you can create a custom solution covering everything from functionality to design. For sure the process of developing a custom website takes more time as compared to a template website, but there isn’t any restriction on what can be provided in it and what won’t be offered in it. If you have decided to go with a custom website option, then you should be ready to spend a good amount of money on your company’s website.

Search engine marketing

After the completion of the website building task, the next important step will be promoting your website. One of the best ways to promote your website is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing in a simple line is a combination of strategy and process of giving a website exposure by utilizing the keywords related to the business. Search Engine Marketing includes two complex marketing strategies, and those are search engine optimization and PPC (pay per click).


In the above paragraph, while defining SEM, we mentioned that it utilizes keywords for giving exposure to your website. To some extent this statement holds true, but in present times things have changed drastically. It is true that keywords are an important factor that one should consider, but it doesn’t hold as much importance that it used to hold.

In case of search engine optimization also keywords play an important role. Let’s concentrate on search engine optimization. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is nothing but a process in which website contents are optimized to improve website’s exposure to organic search results for the related or desired keywords.

You should know that SEO is a complex and long-term strategy involved with it and some factors govern whether the strategies will yield any positive result or will fail altogether. Some of these factors include keyword research, on-site content, the architecture of the site, website loading speed, competition analysis, external and internal links.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC or Pay per Click is nothing but an ad that is shown on different websites and the search engine’s search results page. The best thing about PPC is that the advertiser pays when users and users click the ad posted on his or her behalf and reach the landing page or website of the advertiser. PPC is one of the best and quick ways of gaining exposure online and in addition to all this it also caters to the high level of cost transparency.

Of any online marketing strategy, the main motive is to be found online. If you are looking for other methods that can supplement those efforts than you should know that there are other methods that you can use to give your website better exposure.

Using social media platforms

Social media is the biggest and the best online marketing tool that you will find. With the help of social media platforms, one can easily develop a professional and solid reputation amongst customers in no time. Through your social media page, you will be free even to advertise your company, products, and services.

The main reason because of which social media will work in your favor is because of a large number of people on social media platforms, and the word-of-mouth will do everything for you. You will get a common platform to interact with potential customers. With engaging with potential customers, you will have better chances of getting more traffic on your website as people with whom you engaged on social media platforms will surely share their experience with the people in their network.

Online display ads

You can generate a good amount of traffic on your website by spending some money on online display ads. By putting your website’s, product’s or service’s on display ads online on popular search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo you will be able to make better engagement with your customers as compared to the text ads. Apart from getting a better way to interact with customers, you will also get to learn about the amount of time that they spent on your website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an old online marketing strategy which is still running fine and yielding surprising results. Businesses use email marketing to reach out to current customers or potential customers simply by sending them informational emails, coupons, or newsletter emails. You can also inspire potential customers to subscribe to your newsletter to gain more information regarding your products and services.

As mentioned above email marketing is not like any other marketing strategy as in this online marketing strategy the individuals or people who have shown interest receive promotional emails.

Benefits of online marketing

There is no doubt about the fact that internet marketing in this era is of great importance. One of the major reasons because of which internet marketing is getting more and more popular is that somehow it aligns perfectly with the way customers decide what to buy and when to buy.

Various studies carried out by analysts indicate that more and more people prefer using their smartphones or go on social media for making the right decision. You might be asking yourself why online marketing is so popular and important. Well, for answering this question we will have to go through the benefits of online marketing.


With the help of internet marketing, you will be able to keep your business open for all around the clock, and you won’t have to worry about store opening hours along with paying overtime payments to staffs. Offering your product and service online is also beneficial for customers as they can watch what they need whenever they want and can order it when they feel comfortable.


By opting for internet marketing, you can increase your reach and do business in other countries or the areas which were out of your reach. You can easily overcome the barriers of distance through online marketing. You will be free to sell your services and products in any part of the country.

Online marketing gives you the opportunity to expand your business in a different country, in case if you have a desire to take your business to the next level and sell your goods or products in other countries. Since your potential customers won’t be limited to a single country, you will be able to make a better impact and profit from online marketing.


In reality marketing products and services online is cheaper as compared to marketing through retail stores or conventional methods. The best thing about the online website is that you won’t have to purchase products that you want to sale in advance you can easily place an order for the product that your customer wants. It will allow you to keep your inventory cost low.

There are some other benefits of using online marketing options, but you should know that by using online marketing tools and strategies you will be able to generate more traffic on your site and make better engagement with current and potential customers. Online marketing is a key aspect if you are planning to promote your site, services or products, thus give it appropriate attention. Moreover, as you can see, it is not very difficult to use internet marketing for promotion. It is a simple and inexpensive tool that can give long-term results.

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